The World That You Probably Don’t Know About… Yet

The World That You Probably Don't Know About... Yet

Think about this, before you found out about the truth of 9/11 and how there are controlling “powers” that have constructed the event for ulterior motives, were you ever conscious of the existence of those types of people? More than likely the answer is no.

It was only until you were exposed to the truth about the 9/11 event then you began to see and become conscious of such people. Your eyes were open. You probably were so shocked that it intrigued you to look into it even more. So you did. The more you looked into it, you started to connect the dots and things made more sense. Things became clearer and easier to understand.

What if I told you that by doing what you did with uncovering the secrets of 9/11, you are able to do that with anything else. And I’ll tell you this: there’s a lot of things that you are not conscious of in the universe.

Did you know that we are all connected rather than separate? Did you know that you are able to create your own reality? Did you know that everything is energy and vibrating?

You’ll read these statements with skepticism. But, you’re a skeptic because you are not conscious of them like how you were unconscious about groups of people trying to “control the world” before the 9/11 truth was exposed.

If you were to just look into it, you’ll begin to understand. You’ll understand what people of the past that we now call mystics, shamans, gods, enlightened ones, etc., understood. It’s things that you can understand and become enlightened yourself. In fact, we are all enlightened… There is no enlightened and unenlightened… We are all one…

To understand, you can begin here. Remember: the deeper you delve into it, the more you will understand. So, it takes effort on your part.

Inner Worlds Outer Worlds: Part 1 – Akasha

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