The world is ever so coming to a new age. To realize it will help to bring us together and become of an even higher consciousness.

When we, New World Rising, take a look at our past work and experience, we have come a far way. The efforts of exposing truth have now exponentially increased our understanding and getting to a higher consciousness.

As a collective, our initial work of exposing the 9/11 truth, we have noticed that we’ve come very far in learning and understanding truth to a much further extent. And that was the whole goal. Although we didn’t see the “bigger” picture¬†back then, it was all necessary¬†to get to the point where we are at currently. And the fruits of our (humanity’s) labor in exposing truth has become widespread. You can see it all over the internet and through the mindsets of more and more people.

If you haven’t “awaken” to the truths yet, come here as we will aid in waking you up and “clearing your vision” so that you may see what we are talking about.

For those who are awakened to a higher understanding and higher consciousness, join us here as a collective effort to increase our consciousness even more.

We are all one. Let’s aim to increase that understanding to our fellow selves.

– Honor, New World Rising