A Newer World Rising

A Newer World RisingOne reason why people orchestrate such things like the 9/11 massacre, go to war, and kill others is because they think that we are all separate. We are individuals and are unique to who we are, but there is an ignorance of a much higher consciousness. And that consciousness comes down to one thing – we are all ONE.

Over time, humanity has either forgotten this understanding or needs the realize it to understand and rise up to a higher state of being.

I know this may be very confusing. But, that is why we are here. We are here to help you understand a higher truth and learn even more about ourselves from doing so. This is all in attempts to raise this world of reality to a higher level.

What if I told you that something like a 9/11 event was, perhaps, necessary to experience in order for us to realize that we are much more than what we realize we are.

Think about it. If it wasn’t for 9/11, a lot of people would still be enslaved and blind to the “controlling powers” that be. 9/11 was an unfortunate event and we never wish on anything devastating like that to happen to anyone. But, it did happen. There’s not much we can do in the physical realm to change what happened. So, it’s a matter of what do we do now?

Much like how the New World Rising movie started a chain reaction of truth seekers and opened eyes, come here to open up your soul, even more, to get to a much higher level of understanding, truth, and consciousness.

Here’s a quick trailer of a documentary of a new beginning of understanding life and to prove that we are all one. And hopefully, the understanding of this will stop the tyranny and persecution between humanity. We’ll see you again soon…

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